To Collect Cash

If you do not have time to collect cash we can do it for you instead!

Do you want to purchase game funds but it is too expensive?

Do you have Centaurus or Serpens on a low rank and you want upgrade without raising rank?

Then we will help you!

We provide a new method of collect cash

Collect cash
10 mills = 90$
25 mills = 175$
50 mills = 325$
100 mills = 555$


PayPal  –  Western union  – MoneyGram  –  Bitcoin

How to buy?

Click “to order


Before you click “to order” you should know:

  1.  IRON FORCE SHOP takes responsibility for your tank and money.
  2. Sometimes our people are busy. You need to make orders in advance. We recommend you to leave the application behind a few weeks!
  3. The price can be negotiated. It depends on your tank.
  4. We work on advance payment only. It also can be negotiated.
  5. We are ready for your offers.

We are ready to work for you
when you are ready to work with us!

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