Guarantee Service

Service «Guarantor»

Portal administration of IRON FORCE SHOP offer use a service «guarantor» when buying, selling, trading of a game account.
Guarantor is a mediator between the seller and the buyer to the success and financial reliability of the transaction.
Why people choose us?
We work with accounts for Android/IOS over 2 years! Our experience is beyond price and we are ready share with you!
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Опубліковано Iron Force SHOP 28 липня 2015 р.

We know the market.
We extreme care choose account and extract information from it.
We configure account for you and your data as secure as possible.
Every account and seller’s phone number are screened through our scammer’s database.
We listen and realize you.
A good reputation is more valuable than money.
Guarantor service cost 10% of the value an account but not less than 10$
Trade 10-30$
IOS & Android

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