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Hi our dear friends!

This chapter has been created for your reviews about our work.

It is to show that our work is of good quality, safe and truthful! We have over 600+ reviews. These reviews only reflect the customers who have been able to leave reviews, we have worked successfully with many more happy customers.

We will be very thankful if you leave your review about our shop. Customers have left us reviews on the social networks. You can find them here



Potential customers who have doubts will find this chapter useful.

If our reputation doesn’t satisfy your doubts we will try to convince you of our honesty.

Thank you!

90 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Artem is honest seller ,
    he completed the deal very very good,
    I would like to thank his friend sergey ,
    I hop to become the best

  2. Hello,
    I’ve bought and sold my tank through Artem. Iron Force Shop is very trustworthy and are very honest. The process is simple and fast can be done within 30 minutes. I look forward to doing more business with with them.

  3. Зделка прошла успешно!!!!ЛУЧШИЙ ГАРАНТ!!!!Рекомендую!!!

  4. My fifth transaction and always a pleasure. I trust him Like a brother. Always prompt. If any problem arises with the seller.. he is quick to take care of you. Great customer service. REFRESHNG.

  5. Wasn’t sure if this was a scam or not but if it was I was only going to be out 70$.. As it turned out they gave me what I paid for. The communication between myself and Alexander was great. If I had a question about the process no matter what time he would respond. I would do business with him again and I highly recommend Alexander. Thanks again

  6. Hey leute…also wenn jemand noch Zweifel hat sich hier ein Tank zu kaufen dem kann ich nur sagen das hier alles zu 100% sicher ist.Ich bin mit meinem Full Svulp mehr als zufrieden.Vielen vielen Dank nochmal

  7. Thank You for my new tank
    Don’t afraid shoping here..its correct and secure…
    Thank You IF Shop

  8. Aleksandr is best seller ever he was very professional and helped me with every part of sell and transfer of tank to me ..I recommend them highly …they r the best of the. Best will always use the iron force shop..thank u guys so much

  9. Thank you for fast and secure delivery on my 3rd tank purchased from you.

  10. Also ich kann mich den leuten hier nur anschließen weil da gibt’s nix mehr hinzufügen.Für den Iron Force Shop würde ich meine Hand ins feuer legen….hier läuft alles zu 120% korrekt ab.Wer hier nich zugreift is einfach selbst schuld.thx Aleks:-)

  11. Safe and prompt Answered all my questions Would recommend them to everyone

  12. For anyone that is looking to buy a tank or any other transaction. Guys this is the real deal. Aleksandr has done something good for the iron force community. This is his business and he is running very proffecionally. The transaction was very smooth and all the technical questions and concerns where answer and resolve eight away. After the transaction was done they worked right away and I was rolling the same day. You can be sure that this is the real deal and they will not do anyone wrong. This review is based on the great service I got and I could not be happier. Trustworthy to do business with.

  13. At the first I wasn’t 100% confident about buying from them but decided to give it a try anyway, glad I did it. Very professional and great communications walked me through the process and it was very smooth and quick transaction. Thank you again for providing excellent services. Definitely will deal with you again.

  14. Hello! Everything went super and very trustworthy. I’m totally satisfied! Very laid-back Thanks Aleks!

  15. These people are very honest and I would recommend to anyone . I did the transaction western union from the United States and worked like a charm . The customer service includes getting your new account on your phone . 100% so you can start playing immediately . Don’t worry these guys are good.

  16. 几天前才发现原来有这么一个商店,提供坦克买卖。抱着犹豫的心态去买一辆。网主很快就回复了 .先转美金,网主收到了才联系卖家。然后才重新更换卖家的apple id. 好了才会给你提供一个全新的帐号和密码。卖家这个时候不会知道。整个过程大约四小时。但别忘了时差的问题。我汇款后八个小时网主才起床回复。未收到貨時很担心被騙
    我在这里再次谢谢网主。写这个評語出自于自己的真心话.I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trader.i do not have any ulterior motive and just wanted to think him sincerely.

  17. Hello, how does this work?
    I am interested buying a S Pavo, lowest star ranking possible. Doesn’t have to be max but close.
    Are these prices AUD? Is the price advertised the all inclusive price or are there commissions to be paid?
    Do you help with install for free or does that cost money?
    Do you help with changing the password and so on?
    Have heard about people buying tanks and they get stolen somehow, l don’t mean from this website,just in general.
    I have a max Dorado, max Aquila, max Vulp & max S Vulp – 2 star, on my account, $27 mill in cash & 400 gems, what could l sell this for
    I use a company iPhone & iPad to play this game so l can’t jailbreak the devices.
    Look forward to your response.
    Mike Meyer

  18. Hi! You need choose an account. Then I need connect to seller for to be sure that it is still avialable. Then buyer makes payment via Western Union or MoneyGram. After that I connect to seller again and get account. Then I change ALL settings. After I give account to buyer and send payment to seller.
    The prices in USA dollars. When buyer makes payment he/she should pay cost of account + fee from Western Union or MoneyGram. I help with all (it is free).
    We change all setings. So previos owner can not stole account. It could be stole if new owner give personal information to other people.
    We have accounts for Android and IOS.
    Write your contacts (Viber/WhatsApp/Line/Facebook) or write me +380637296322 or https://www.facebook.com/Kaerlink

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